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I grew up in Ireland, but spent much of my early career living in Japan, working across Asia and North America in global sales and marketing roles for multinationals, and then led foreign direct investment from Japan and Korea into Ireland for the tech sector for the Irish Government. 

Since returning to Ireland, I've been fortunate to work at the cutting-edge of AI and language technology at Iconic Translation Machines, where we are building bespoke Neural Machine Translation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

I've been with Iconic almost since its inception in 2012, when we started out adapting machine translation for complex content types, like patent information.

Since then, things have evolved rapidly, particularly in the past few years with the advent of AI-powered translation.

This has resulted in the opportunity to work with and apply translation technology extensively across a wide variety of use cases at Pharma companies, and CROs when multilingual information is a challenge, such as pharmacovigilance, clinical trials, and more.