Getting Started

Welcome to DIA Communities, where you can share your knowledge and network with colleagues.  Connect, engage and share!  We invite you to explore the Communities through the home page, and personalize your member listing with a photo and bio.  Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions:

How do I join (or unsubscribe from) a Community?

It’s easy!  To choose based on Community name:

1.  Log into your DIA Account at and select My Communities from the drop down box under your name


2.  Click on the Explore Communities tab and check the ones you want to join.



You can unsubscribe from any Communities at any time:

  • Log into your DIA Account
  • Select the My Communities link
  • Click on the Explore Communities tab
  • Uncheck the Communities you would like to leave.All changes will be updated within 30 minutes.


What is the DIA Community Home Page?

This is the entry point and portal to all DIA Communities.  Sign in to see a compilation of information, such as announcements, volunteer opportunities, calendar items and discussions from all of your Communities, plus you can reach out to other members through the Directory.  You can also explore other Communities to see if you might be interested in joining them.

I’m already a member of a DIA Community.  How do I access it?

The DIA Community Home Page is the entry point.  Sign in, then click on the Communities tab at the top of the screen, select My Communities and click on the Community you would like to access.     



How can I connect to other DIA members?

Start by ensuring your member listing is up to date and includes both a picture and a short biography so others can learn more about your background and expertise.  Then, join one or more Communities and begin to participate. 

  • Offer comments on listed discussions or shared files.
  • Start a conversation by posting your own discussions or questions on interesting topics.
  • Watch for Announcements and Volunteer Opportunities that will allow you to engage and share your expertise.
  • Find people in the member directory that meet your criteria and add them as contacts in the system, creating your own, personal DIA database of contacts.You can search within a specific Community, or from the DIA Community home page.

How can I raise my visibility to other DIA members?

Start by adding a picture and brief biography to your member listing.  You can also link your other social media accounts (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, your blog) to your profile.  It’s easy and only takes a few moments to enhance your member listing. 

  • Click on the small icon in the upper right screen
  • Select PROFILE
  • Follow the instructions to import information from your LinkedIn profile, or upload your picture, add a bio and your social media links yourself.




DIA Member Directory

Your Network. Your Resource. Your Community.

As a DIA member you can enjoy access to our Member Directory. Find and connect with fellow DIA members around the globe. Log-in required.

As a member, you can opt-in by visiting your My Membership profile page on Furthermore, you can also choose what information is included in your directory profile, and who can see it, within your privacy settings on DIA Communities.


How do I build a list of DIA member contacts?

Click on Directory tab, select Advanced Search, and fill in any of the search criteria you like. 

Then click on ADD AS CONTACT to have them added to your list of contacts.  An email will be sent to ask the contact to accept your invitation to connect.




How can I control the frequency of emails?

  • Start on the DIA Community Home Page
  • Click on the small icon in the upper right screen
  • Select PROFILE
  • Click on the MY ACCOUNT tab
  • Select Community Notifications
  • Follow the instructions to choose what emails to get from each of your Communities.

We encourage you to get real-time emails on each Community so you don’t miss an opportunity to get engaged and raise your profile.