Have You Picked Your Schedule for DIA 2018?

By Laura Kolaczkowski posted 04-18-2018 09:31 AM


DIA 2018 is fast approaching and by now you likely have at least taken a quick look at the program offerings. I’m writing to encourage you to take a second or even third look at Track 5, Patient Engagement (PE). Successful clinical trials depends on true engagement with patients and advocacy communities, and the sessions offered through Track 5 address many of the obstacles you may face in your design and recruitment strategies.

If you’re new to this area, you might consider the session on Patient Observation vs Patient Engagement. Industry leaders will share how they use patient advisory panels to fine tune their needs, while advocates will talk about their experience working with industry. This presentation also includes the payer perspective, a key element to post-approval success.

Have you kept current on regulatory issues regarding patient input? There is a session focusing on historical and new efforts by the FDA to ensure patient input in all processes of product development and regulatory decision-making. This panel is full of FDA and other experts in the regulatory field. 

Developing PROs with the assistance of patients; reaching the underserved and finding ways to create greater diversity in study populations; and many more exciting and extremely relevant topics are on the Patient Engagement track for DIA 2018.

Also keep an eye out for sessions outside the PE track – patient engagement is interspersed throughout DIA 2018.  I am moderating a panel of industry and patient experts in Track 3, Medical Affairs & Science Communications. For Collaboration Across the Medical Affairs Ecosystem to Advance Patient Care, these expert panelists are collecting head-to-head research comparisons from industry and patients on clinical trial participation and this data will be presented for the 1st time at DIA 2018.

Don’t overlook the opportunities to connect in small group settings; look over the areas of Engage and Exchange, Content Hubs and Community Roundtables for more ways to strengthen your knowledge of patient engagement tactics.

Whatever your reason to attend DIA 2018, I hope you will support the efforts to include patient perspectives throughout the program and attend a PE focused session or two to learn more.

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17 days ago

Very interested in your moderating session.
Panel of industry and patient experts in Track 3, Medical Affairs & Science Communications. For Collaboration Across the Medical Affairs Ecosystem to Advance Patient Care.

Sounds great!
But i just realized this was for last year's conference.  These blog boards aren't updated very often I see.