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  • - with apologies for multiple posting due to formatting issues of prior communication The DIA DRM Community completed an Initiative in 2012 to define ... More

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    Call for Volunteers

    ​ The DIA Statistics Community would like to partner with other select communities on a webinar series on estimands. We have come up with the title Getting ... More

  • Dear Clinical Trial Disclosure Community, The minutes from the 9 January 2018 Community call have been added to the 2018 Meeting Minutes folder in ... More

  • Dear AdPromo WG - A reminder about our upcoming WG meeting - As a reminder, for this month, the  meeting was moved to Jan 18, 2018 at 12:00 pm (eastern)  ... More

  • Did you know that regulatory authorities require audit trail review, especially on our high risk, critical data in our GxP computerized systems? Please ... More

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