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  • Thanks Maral, This looks great! Can you confirm I am in the PM community as well? I am on the core committee and don't receive the emails. ... more

  • Please join the newly formed Clinical Research Community Leadership as they welcome Dr. Yeh-Fong (Office of Translational Sciences, CDER, FDA, US) and ... more

  • Posted in: Students

    Please join us for our fourth Professional Development Webinar on January 4 th from 12PM EST to 1PM EST, featuring Mr. Dan Tierno, CI&A Strategic Implementation ... more

  • Posted in: Students

    Please join us for our third Professional Development Webinar on December 7 th at 12PM EST, featuring Dr. Jonca Bull, MD, Vice President for PPD Consulting. ... more

  • Hi Keith, For some reason the outlook link is not working. Do you have one you can send to me directly? Thanks, Christine ... more

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