Content Hub

This is a non-traditional learning specifically designed for a small groups of attendees to connect face-to-face with community leaders and other attendees that share the same interests.

The Content Hub is designed for 30 minute short presentations and seating for an intimate audience of 30 people. The Content Hub is informal with a mix of different styles of seating to encourage relaxed conversations between the audience and the leader. A vital component of the Content Hub is the opportunity for the audience to participate in active Q&A.

Submission Deadline: March 6, 2018

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Community Round Tables

This is an opportunity for DIA Community members to host round table discussions inspired by sessions from within the DIA 2018 program. This allows DIA Community members continue the dialogue and develop connections at a reserved space after a session is over.

Round Tables are 60-minute discussions facilitated by a DIA Community which can include 5 to 50 participants. DIA will contact & invite session speakers but cannot guarantee their attendance. In such instances, the Community may still host the round table discussion based on the session.

Request Form Submission Deadline: March 6, 2018

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Volunteer Opportunities for DIA 2018

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