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Subject: DIA 11th European Medical Information and Communications Conference - Call For Abstracts is Open

1.  DIA 11th European Medical Information and Communications Conference - Call For Abstracts is Open

Posted 06-15-2017 08:54 AM
The Call For Abstracts for the 11th Annual Medical Information and Communications Conference is now open.

The conference will be held on 15-16 November 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

Details of the Call For Abstracts can be found at:

Presentation abstracts should be submitted by 20 June 2017.  Poster abstracts should be submitted by 15 September 2017.

The Programme Committee is looking for speakers and posters on the following topics:


  • How to collaborate for an effective and successful audit
  • Setting up global systems to meet data privacy requirements
  • Impact of pharmacovigilance requirements on MI – legislation update
  • Data disclosure and impact on MI
  • How to share information material/literature between affiliates and internal customers in a compliant way
  • Update on new Medical Devices regulations
  • Balancing compliance roles with MI (pro's and con's of including promotional compliance roles in MI)



  • Digital transformation in MI – real-life examples
  • Innovative technology for MI – sharing projects that have been implemented
  • Is there a place for wearable devices in MI?
  • IBM Watson – potential to impact MI or Medical Affairs



  • Collaborating internally – what is working to get/keep MI valued as a collaborating partner.
  • MI and MSL partnerships and cross-over – how can this work in practice? Are there any restrictions?
  • Integration of MI in the wider Medical Affairs organisation
  • Collaboration with other functions (e.g. sales, market access, HEOR)



  • Insights and acting on the voice of the customer – real-life examples of how this can be done and the impact it can have
  • Format and style of standard response documents – how are they best structured?
  • How to adapt standard response documents to different communication channels
  • Use of infographics in MI
  • Managing organisational change (e.g. acquisitions, spin-offs, portfolio changes) and maintaining MI customer service
  • Providing MI services for biosimilars



  • Vendor procurement and management
  • Managing your outsource provider successfully
  • What aspects of MI services can be outsourced?
  • Front line outsourcing
  • 2nd line outsourcing



  • Measuring success in MI - using KPIs and KSFs and other methods
  • Quality measurements
    • (KPIs, methods, 1st vs 2nd level request handling assessment, vendors to support quality management)
  • Quality and compliance (monitoring, risk and MI, measuring trust)


There is an award ceremony for the best poster - the winner will be awarded complimentary registration for the conference in 2018.

Janet Davies
Director, Medical Information, EMEA
Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd
+44 (0208) 5872306